Ground Zero!

Welcome to my first ever blog post!

Mathematics for me is a passion in discovering how the world revolves and what really happens in our everyday lives. Whether it’s the Mathematics in your phone, in your everyday appliances, your car or your recreational activities. Maths is everywhere!

This site aims to inspire others to take up a mathematical based course or career as well as show why I believe Mathematics is the future and what parts of Maths make me ever more interested.

I am an A Level student studying both Mathematics, Further Mathematics as well as Physics and Geography and I hope to go onto study an Integrated Masters of Mathematics at University. Even if you don’t realise it already Mathematics is a huge part of your life and the more you understand the nature of Maths, the more you really begin to understand the world around you.

So look forward to my Blackjack 21 analysis as well as revision and study tips for aspiring Mathematicians! There is a whole lot to come!

Keep on Learning!

6 thoughts on “Ground Zero!

      1. Same as myself then! I love proof by induction its awesome! You should check out the proof for e^(pi)(i)=-1. I memorised this in highschool and never thats when I began to love proofs.


      2. I will check it out! Haha looking at e there I thought of the coefficient of restitution for a sec but now I’m guessing that’s euler’s XD sigh too much M2 you see.
        That’s cool!


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