And we’re back!

I hope you all had a brilliant, relaxed and mathematical fueled christmas period and with the dawn of a new year (ish) we begin to work on further mathematics bringing the future of our world every closer.

I myself have been quite busy with internal examinations and so I haven’t had chance to upload any articles. However, I have a whole line of articles to share with you which I hope you’ll enjoy very much so.

Over christmas I managed to read: The Great Mathematical Problems by Ian Stewart. I really enjoyed reading this book mainly due to its ability to engage in that you do not need to be a maths geek (like the one writing this article) to understand the mathematics behind it. The logistical way the problems are set out are excellent and I would definitely recommend the book to any A Level students.


So, this year as I said before, I have a line of articles I am going to be writing. These are be going to be based on the Further Mathematics section of the A Level syllabus as I feel this isn’t an area which is touched on a lot. Thus forth, every thursday I will be releasing an article based upon a topic within Further Mathematics. Both for revision purposes but also for general interest.

Therefore, thankyou for reading the articles and I hope to be keeping your mathematical engine going as well as my own.

Keep Learning!


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