Applied Mathematics: Mechanics

Mathematics takes many different forms when used in the “real world” one way of which being in the form of Mechanics. The thought of different areas of mathematics only really begins to develop at A-Level stage and this in my opinion is left quite late in our education system.

In my institute I am lucky to have an initiative called project based learning which is set up and designed to engage core subjects in practical applications. For example, we recently set up and designed a system using mathematical algorithms for our local council in order to reduce the amount of illnesses in the work place. A project further planned for this year is Nuclear fusion which will include plasma dynamics and particle physics in our learning. This also covering the core curriculum set.

Mechanics is the form of mathematics UK Students often associate with a lot more than others. Also mainly due to its appearance in GCSE and A-Level Physics and onwards to degree level. The most famous contributor to this field being Sir Isaac Newton with himself being honoured with his work being globally known wholly as Newtonian physics.


Mechanics is the study of motion and forces of matter. For example the formula ‘F = MA’ where the force is equal to the mass times the acceleration. Thus meaning a 10 kg mass accelerating downwards at 9.81 ms^-2 will result in a force of 98.1 Newtons.

More modernly, quantum mechanics has been more and more explored through work by Max Planck and Albert Einstein. This form of mechanics often takes into account a lot of probability distributions due to the idea of matter being in a superposition.


Mechanics is a fundamental application of Mathematics and Physics and really makes a difference in our world. Through vehicle safety or even the forces used to make you walk (Newtons 3rd Law).

In the coming day’s I will be releasing my handcrafted notes for Mechanics 1 of the Edexcel  A-Level Mathematics Course.

Explore Mechanics – It’s Rocket Science!

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4 thoughts on “Applied Mathematics: Mechanics

  1. I love this. Honestly, as a reader who is taking Edexcel Maths (Further Maths, too but I’ll do that in A2) the enthusiasm you’ve expressed here is motivating. I want to read Maths at university and Mechanics is really bogging me down at the moment. So this is really encouraging! I’m doing M1 and M2 this year alsongside the Core modules. Currently over halfway through M2. 🙂


    1. Thats brilliant, as you might have guessed I’m also doing Further Maths and the Mechanics is really good. One tip I got from a University lecturer I know is to really get a good grasp of terminology as this makes things so much easier come the exam. Where are you looking to read maths at Uni?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re so right – terminology is crucial. Especially when understanding what they actually are asking for in exam questions.
        I’ve looked at Imperial, Oxford (you know the ones everybody looks to to study Maths) and have therefore started preparing for the MAT. Also like the look of Kings. How about you?


      2. I’ve been preparing abit more my self more recently for the MAT and I’ve looked at Manchester, Oxford, St Andrews and Durham so far as contenders for application. For myself Cambridge doesnt seem right for me but everyone gets the right feeling for one uni. I’ll have a look at Kings not really looked into them much!


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