Applied Mathematics: Decision

Firstly, in seeing my self as more of a pure mathematician I don’t believe I can do decision mathematics justice in how great it is but I’ll give it a go…

Decision mathematics is one of the fastest growing field of mathematics mainly due to its uses in the world of computer science and how it is applied within our world today.

Decision mathematics has been around for a long, long time however arguably is being used more now more than ever due to the advancement of technology. Decision encompasses algorithms which get you from A to B in the shortest distance as well as allowing us to compute complex algorithms in the hopes of perfecting quantum computing.


At A Level decision is being chosen more and more due to its applications in real life as well as its primary foundation building towards bigger and bigger problems. For example, at A Level Dijkstra’s algorithm builds concepts and understanding at an early stage.

Taking the decision modules is a great decision in itself especially if you are considering a career in computer science. Likewise for other modules choose what you believe will help you the most to get where you want to be.

To conclude, if you would like to go into computer science or even go into logistics, decision is for you! ┬áHave a look and see what you think of it yourself…

Keep learning!

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