Mathematics Courses at Univeristy

This year many will be looking to study mathematics or a mathematics based course at university. However, a lot of students will not really look into what this entails and apply on the basis of they like maths at their current institute.

Here are my 3 points of must know information for looking at mathematics courses at university:

1.) Look at the course content!

Universities will offer different modules to others and so depending on what field you aim to go into you have to look at which universities offer those modules. For example if you aim to go into research into a pure mathematical field then you have to look to see if the modules offered at that institute meet what you aim to seek.


2.) Learn the difference between a BSc and an MMath

If you aim to go onto  research or completing a PhD in a mathematical field the MMath may be more relevant to you. The integrated Masters course is an extra year onto the end of the BSc which would then allow you specialize even further into your field of study. On the contrary from my findings the BSc offers a range of applications also without the Masters element and if you aim to not go into a research field or go onto a PhD you may feel this would be better for you. Look into it!

3.) Admissions Tests

Many students do not look into if the course they want to go onto includes an admissions test and they end up realizing that it does right before they aim to sit this test. Consequently, these students do not fill their full potential and could end up losing the chance to go to Russell Group Universities such as Oxford and Cambridge due to not checking for the admissions test.



Remember to look into as much information as you can as all of it will benefit your decision…

Keep Learning!

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