Reformation of Mathematical Teaching

Mathematical teaching has changed significantly over the past 100 years through modern pedagogy (teaching techniques) and in my institution this has been widely accepted cross curricular.

Mathematics is a subject in secondary and sixth form education where the stereotypes of a maths lesson or a maths teaching style is still prominent. What I mean is that many people still associate mathematics with the non-interactive self-contained lessons they used to be. As a student I can fully say maths teaching has changed! For the better at least…


Yes, maths teaching has got better with use of online and computer resources etc. but how is classical maths classes changing. Well, already maths classes have been using more and more real life links between where you use your mathematics in a practical basis. An example would be when teaching younger students the concept of volume within mathematics and how this is demonstrated through practical learning where they discover the formulae and the methods themselves.

This pedagogy of self learning and discovery I found was the best method for myself when learning new content from the syllabus as this way it seemed to develop a deeper understanding of where the mathematics has come from and how its applied to other scenarios.

Maths teaching has changed over many years and will continue to change with the new A Levels in September 2017. Lets see how this change in specifications copes with current mathematical methods of teaching and maybe how the teaching has to adapt…

I hoped you enjoyed the read and feel free to email about the pedagogy (methods of teaching) you have experienced and what has been effective!

Keep Learning!

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